River Bend Boat Club

River Bend Boat Club (RBBC) is a non-profit organization which supports the 1,600 members and their families and guests of the River Bend Membership Corporation (RBMC) at River Bend RV Park in Falling Waters, WV. River Bend Boat Club is a separate entity from River Bend Management Corporation (RBMC) which manages the RV park. River Bend Boat Club has a separate Board of Directors and finances. It was founded to provide a private boat ramp for access to the Potomac River for River Bend RV Park lot owners, and most importantly, to provide Emergency Services access to the river. In order for River Bend RV Park to have a boat ramp State of Maryland government agencies required a separate management entity be formed to manage the private boat ramp and that Emergency Services would have access to use the ramp. Hence, River Bend Boat Club (RBBC) was formed.

Membership for River Bend Boat Club is not included as part of the annual dues for RBMC lot owners. Boat club members must join and/or renew RBBC membership annually to gain access and use of the private boat ramp. Dues are used for upkeep of the private boat ramp and dock, supplies, application printing, keys being recut annually, funding the annual picnic and youth fishing tournament, and donating 100 hot dogs each year to Christmas in July. In addition reserves are maintained in case any large repairs may be needed to the private boat ramp or dock.