2024 is an RBBC BOD election year

June 1st - June 30  RBBC BOD election nominations 

July 1 - July 31 RBBC BOD election vote

August 10 RBBC BOD election results announced.

RBBC Officer Qualifications

Seven positions comprise the RBBC board: President, 1st and 2nd Vice presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, 1st and 2nd Associate Officers. To hold a RBBC officer position, a RBMC person:

a.       must be a current lot owner of RBMC whose current and previous years dues to RBMC and RBBC are paid

b.      must be 18 years or older

c.       can be a spouse of a current and valid RBMC and RBBC member

d.      can not be a family member residing on the same lot (aunts, uncles, cousins, son or daughter)

e.       can not have a criminal record

f.       must be capable of being bonded

g.      Person(s) who rent a lot(s) in River Bend Park (RBMC) Shall not be eligible to become a RBBC Officer.

h.      RBBC member spouses can hold a RBBC officer position; for example, husband and wife can be officers at the same time and both can vote.

Election Process

The election process is as follows:

a.       RBBC Elections are held during even numbered years and elected officer positions start on Jan 1 of the following odd numbered years. Positions are held for a two-year period.

b.      Nominations will be requested from the RBBC membership beginning on June 1st and end on June 30th.  Elections will be conducted by ballot and placed in a Ballot Box or can be submitted by mail and email from July 1st thru July 31st.  Election results will be announced during the RBBC membership picnic in August and posted in the RBMC newsletter.

c.       The RBBC secretary and president:        

          i.      in conjunction with the RBBC treasurer, will review all nominated names and ensure that the nominated names  are qualified to hold office; 

          ii.      will verify with nominees the desire to hold office;

         iii.      will distribute ballots to all RBBC members as well as sending the ballot out via email to members with valid email addresses.

         iv.      will hand out  ballots to all RBBC members;

v. will verify and tally all legal ballots (name, lot number and key number);

        vi.      will post elections results in the RBMC newsletter;

       vii.       will notify the  RBMC board of the election results; 

       viii.      will notify all newly elected officers by phone and letter.

d.      All RBBC elected officials will take office in January. All historical paperwork will be transferred to the new board members. All names on the RBBC financial documents will be transferred when the new board members take office in January.

e.       Order of succession is the First Vice President will move to the President Position, the Second Vice President will move to the First Vice President Position, the First Associate Officer will move to the Second Vice President Position, to the Secretary Position or to the Treasurer Position with a Majority Vote from the Board, the Second Associate Officer will move to the First Associate Officer Position.

f.       If an action prevents a board member from finishing or continuing his/her term until expiration, the RBBC membership and or board will be requested to nominate a person to augment the board until the regular election is held. A club vote maybe requested or the board can simply choose from the eligible and interested individuals. If no one volunteers for the position of associate board member(s) then the Board members may query RBBC members to see if they desire to hold a position on the board until the regular scheduled election.